8 Super Chill Songs

8 Super Chill Songs

Sometimes you just need a chance to sit and relax. This music is designed to help you do that — play it in your car during a nasty commute and calm yourself. Or kick it with your friends and have a chill weekend night. In any context, this kind of music will leave you feeling soothed and sleepy afterwards. Check it out.

Telepopmusik — Breathe
I found this while watching a skydiving video on YouTube. The perfect place for this kind of music — it feels just right. Free and calming. This is one of the more popular modern songs on the list, a fine introduction to what we’re after.


Ratatat — Wildcat
An awesome song that isn’t very well known. This is an instrumental, and as we like to say, super legit.


Jimi Hendrix — Castles Made of Sand
Guitar music designed to relax. Jimi’s a master, and this may be my favorite. The chorus is the best part — this is one of the most upbeat songs on the list, but it’s a classic.


Radiohead — Gagging Order

A sad song, but one of Radiohead’s finest. It is also one of their less well-known pieces, which makes it all the better.


Royksopp — In Space
This is an instrumental song as well, ambient music that is extraordinarily soothing. Royksopp made the song Remind Me that was featured in a Geico Advertisement, the one about the caveman.


Moby — Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad
Contrary to what Eminem has to say, Moby is a great man with a firm place in American music. People do listen to techno. This particular song is a great one, you may have heard it in the trailer for Black Hawk Down.


Ben Harper — Burn One Down
Ben Harper, with the help of some sweet drumming, sings a song that makes me want to sit by the campfire and stare at the stars. It’s totally calming, great music.


The Eagles — I Can’t Tell You Why
The Eagles are best known for their hit single Hotel California, but this song is both their chillest and my favorite. Acoustic rock, the intro and musicality are both great, but the chorus line is the best part. Check it out.

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