Incredible LEGO Creations

Incredible LEGO Creations

As a child I loved LEGOs and would often spend hours in my basement working on castles or other projects that could stretch on for weeks. I was always proud of my creations, but seeing all of these makes me feel like mine were pretty lame. There are six that warrant descriptions, and the rest are included in a gallery at the end.

1. LEGO Relativity


This is a physical manifestation of M.C. Escher’s picture Relativity (1953. Lithograph) which is shown to the right. It is very well done, and just as confusing and trippy as the original. The same creator has also built another one of Escher’s drawings called Ascending and Descending. The pictures of that project be found here.

Source: andrewlipson

2. LEGO Difference Engine


In the mid-19th century, people began designing difference engines to evaluate polynomials rather than doing the difficult calculations by hand. The designs were very good, but due to mechanical problems only some of the simpler ones were created. In 1991, the science museum in London decided to build the most advanced of the designs. The machine, called “The Babbage Difference Engine #2″, is able to calculate seventh degree polynomials with 31 digit accuracy. This is simpler version that is only able to calculate third degree polynomials with fourth digit accuracy. In any case, this is quite impressive.

Source: acarol

3. LEGO Harpsichord


This harpsichord was built by Henry Lim, and is made entirely of LEGOs except for the strings. It is completely functional, and has a 61 note range. It weighs 150 lbs, and was built using an estimated 100,000 pieces. The strings require 350 lbs of restoring force to keep them tight, so Lim had to make it incredibly strong as well. A sound clip of Lim playing it can be found here.

Source: henrylim

4. LEGO Knitting Machine


This machine was built by Thomas Johnson, and is able to knit yarn into “rope.” A video of the machine working can be found here, and picture of the product here.

Source: aklego

5. LEGO Pinball Machine


This is a fully functional LEGO pinball machine, made by Gerrit Bronsveld & Martijn Boogaarts of The Netherlands. It is made entirely of 20,000 LEGOS except for the playing balls which are made of glass. The table includes three flippers, a coin operation system, ramps, extra balls, and specials. The game is run by LEGO computers that control motors, sensors, and controller boards.

Source: Pinball News

6. LEGO Aircraft Carrier USS Harry S. Truman


This ship was constructed out of 200,000 LEGO Bricks and is 16.4 Feet long. It has movable elevators and radar dishes, electric lights on the flight deck, in the hangar, and inside the aircraft, and a motorized catapult. It is also able to float, and a picture can be found here.

Source: damncoolpics

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